He has graduated from Information design Department in TAMA Art University, Tokyo.

After his graduation, He went over to Berlin, Germany for Project Research & Study in 2010,
and he started artistic explorations on the relationship between biotech and information’s transmission process in 2011.

After returning from Berlin, he joined an artistic research framework and open collaboration platform BCL.

And Working at WOW from 2015 as Visual Designer.

In recent years he is running the “ BIOFAB project” incorporated with an Architect and Bio material by 3D printing technology. He is an interdisciplinary Researcher / Designer / Artist, working in Japan, Tokyo. PDF>




March 2010
BA in Information Design department at Tama Art University, Japan. Prof. Minato Chihiro
October 2011
Project Research & Study in Berlin, Germany Universität der Künste Berlin
January 2014
Joined BCL
February 2014
Visiting researcher at Iwasaki Lab at Waseda University,Tokyo
Jun 2015
Visual Designer at WOW,Tokyo