Ghost in the cell



Does Infomation Possess Life? – Fusing Biotechnology and Art



21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
BCL + Semitransparent Design Ghost in the Cell 2015 © Crypton Future Media, INC.


The artist collective BCL has won international attention with such projects as storing a family’s DNA inside the DNA of a tree to create a “living memorial”
or else releasing genetically modified flowers into the natural environment. This time, by giving DNA and cells to Miku Hatsune—a humanoid persona,
voiced by a singing synthesizer application, who is known worldwide as a representative of Japanese pop culture—BCL will explore contemporary
Japan’s unique imaginative power, which continually travels between life and non-life, art and entertainment, and individual and collaborative creation.

2015.9.19 (Sat.) – 2016.3.21 (Mon.