The Ouvroir de biologie potentielle
or Workshop of Potential Biology
is an sculptural installation,
a functional mobile laboratory and
the general idea of the artistic exploration
of potential biologies.



During the last centuries, biology as a science was considered to be an analytical,
observatory process that is concerned with the ordering and classification of living beings in particular and nature in general.
The discovery of the structure of DNA was the starting point of turning biology
into an information science, leading up to the current ability to read and write genetic information.
The Oubiopo installation merges a traditional japanese food stall (屋台), with the necessary tools and basic equipment that make up
a biology lab. The resulting Yatai-Laboratory (屋台ラボ) combines the ethos of Kitchen Biotech, DIY and DIWO Biology,
creating a place of potential possibilities and continuous experimentations.
Oubiopo as an idea searches for new structures.