Soluble Structures



If water has defined structure, and memory.
Water can store hereditary information,
water has been evolving since billions of years,
water isbecoming alive. Nobody knows yet
for sure, but there are some,
who are suspecting something…



Film shortlisted Bio Fiction “SCIENCE ART FILM FESTIVAL” 2014


Film story


Our scientist is fascinated by water and it’s properties and dedicated her whole career to it.
She was a successful, young, female scientist,got her PhD at 22, published in all the big paper,
had her own lab. She collected water from a number of special places: “power points”
holy water (although she does not believe in this stuff), and also from the water-cooling
systems of nuclear power stations. Then, not so long ago, she published a paper,
stating that she found proof that water has not only a memory (Benveniste , 1988),
but that she found information encoded within the water, which she speculates is the hereditary information of water.
If that is true, it would not only mean that water is alive, but also that it is evolving, eventually in a sentient being.