3rd Nature / Post-nuclear Landscape
#01 Moss Matrix Printer



+ AKABANE Kyo (Generative Idea Flow)
+ TASKO inc.( KIMURA + SATO Masaki )



‘3rd Nature’ is a collaborative series of speculative projects that investigate
how our notion of ‘Nature’ and ‘Wilderness’ has been changed after the 3/11earthquake and
the subsequent Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.
The ‘#01 Moss Memory Machine’ is an autonomous human-made memory machine. The project has launched in November 2013,
and still in the process of prototyping. The aim of the project is to speculate a relationship
on our desire on technology and nature in the post atomic age.
The machine is planned to be dispatched into the prohibited zone and will continuously inscribe messages
as patterns with moss on the ground. The messages will become slowly visible, as the moss is starting to grow.
It will become a part of the landscape and messages for our future. My part : Cinematography.