Time poiesis


This research is
an exploratory artistic project.
creating dynamic and complex architectures.
developed from time-dependent processes by
laminating resins using 3D printers.



One version of this research, entitled “ Time-poiesis|N1 Cyanobacteria” explores the motility of cyanobacterial colonies
observed under the microscope. The bacterial populations are originally organized as 3D structure in water,
while they form motile nearly 2D colonies on agar plates. Initially, we recorded time-lapse images on agar plates
with a powerful and advanced microscope in the laboratory. Then, we converted a time-series of
the 2D images into 3D data by laminating each bacterial distribution across time as the z-axis.
Thus, the shortage of dimensionality would be compensated naturally by changing
the temporal axis to a special axis, to let “another” natural form emerge.
Working with Hanna Saito.


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